Community Worship, Volume 1

by Malone Worship

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This project was created solely by current Malone students and recent alumni. Each song was written, performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by current Malone students and recent alumni.

This EP represents original worship songs composed by our student worship leaders from the 2014-2015 academic year. All musicians featured in this compilation have participated in our Community Worship music ministry.

This is the first of (hopefully) many worship projects to be produced under the Malone Worship name.


released July 1, 2015

All tracks engineered, produced and mixed by
Benjamin Mariano, class of 2017,
Shane Followay, class of 2015,
and Jacob Peters, class of 2016;
Track 2 co-engineered by Brian Thompson, class of 2017,
Track 4 co-engineered by Bethany McHugh, class of 2017,
and Track 6 co-produced by JD Laird, class of 2017.

All tracks mastered by Erik Hansen, class of 2014.

Album art photography by Peter Finger.
Album art design by JD Laird.

The production team appears courtesy of 25th Street Productions.

Special thanks to Executive Producer, Tim Longbrake, for initiating and conceptualizing this project, as well as running our worship ministries in a way that brought this creative team together!



all rights reserved


Malone Worship Canton, Ohio

We are the worship music ministry at Malone University in Canton, OH.

We exist to glorify our God through the gifts and talents He has given us.

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Track Name: Worthy
Lay aside all distractions
And cast aside all my fears
'Cause there is only one reason I am here:

You are worthy of praise
You are worthy of praise
You are worthy of praise

With every good and perfect thing
Through every trial, every pain
You, my God, You will remain worthy
Track Name: Love Unchanging
And I
I love You
And I long for You
And I
I need to be close to You

And let Your presence overwhelm me
I want to feel Your glory
For You alone are worthy
My heart is ever toward thee

And I
I love You
And I long for You
And I
I need to be close to You
Oh, let me feel Your love unchanging
And Your heart beating close to me

And My love is always for You
So pull me closer to You
You're the one I'm going to run to
No matter what we go through

Draw me deeper in Your presence
Let your love wash over me
Love so perfect, fill my senses
You are where I wanna be
Track Name: Beautiful Jesus
Beautiful Jesus, we wanna thank You
For every and all things won
Addiction and shame, our sickness and pain;
All things overcome

"There is now, therefore, no more condemnation
For those who set themselves in Christ."
Jesus, You set us free from sin and pain
We once were powerless
We sing what You promised:

Your cross has given us
All the love You have ever had and ever will
Your cross has given us strength

No longer bound to sin
Freedom reigns and we'll never ever be the same
You've broken every chain
You've broken every chain

Who is higher than the Son of Man, whose glory fills the sky?
Who is faithful like the rising of the sun?
Jesus, You're the only one

I am free
I am free
There's no chain on me
There's no chain on me
Track Name: New Creation
I was lost in the dark
Sin took hold of my heart
I was empty, broken, guilty
'Til Your love came down and washed me clean

I am new
I am made new in You
I'm free
You came and set me free

I'll dance
Oh, I will dance and sing
For You, the risen King

Oh, Holy Spirit, dwell in me
Oh, consume my soul and let me be a new creation

You renewed my wretched soul
Bore my shame and made me holy
So, in light of this great sacrifice,
I will freely give You my whole life

You're so holy, sanctified
Forgiving me, saved my life
I will build my house upon stone
Giving glory to Your righteous throne
Track Name: Surrendered
We come to You, for we know of Your glory
Your power present, displayed in the sky
We come to You, for we know You are worthy
Your blood alone brought death to die

You're slow to anger, though my flesh may fail
Your mercy covers my wrongs
I want to know You and show You my devotion
So let this prayer be my song:

May I live in such a way that pleases You
My intentions be abandoned, and Your will be my desire
As I fall, I offer You my kingdom
My life as an offering, my soul surrendered

We come to You as we stumble through darkness
For only You are the giver of light
We come to You when we've fallen the hardest
You are the joy at the end of the night

You are my comfort and and You give me rest
When burdens weigh on my soul
I want to thank You and make You known to all of the world
And so I give You control

When I'm feeling lost and alone, I will call upon You
And when I'm caught in the storm, I will lift up Your name
And at the times I feel in control, I will give You my all
I will give You my all
Track Name: MTNS
We come before You, God
We worship at Your feet
We humbly confess our need for You

We worship at Your feet
Our pride, You strip away
Lord, only You can save

You are God above the mountains
You are reigning over all the Earth
You are our savior, Lord
You are our savior, Lord

You are God beneath the oceans
Every living thing gets life from You
You are the sovereign Lord
You are our savior, Lord

We come before You, God
Your cross made sin no more
Delivery from death you freely give

We worship at the cross,
The day sin was destroyed,
For redemption paid in blood

Jesus, You are Lord
Lord above all else
We cannot help but praise Your name

Redeeming God above
My strength and my refuge
We cannot help but praise Your name