Community Worship, Volume 2

by Malone Worship

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This project was created almost exclusively by current Malone students and recent alumni. Each song was written, performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by current Malone students and recent alumni.

This album represents original worship songs composed by our student worship leaders from the 2015-2016 academic year. Most all musicians featured in this compilation have participated in our Community Worship music ministry.


released May 2, 2016

Mixed by Benjamin Mariano, class of 2017, and Jacob Peters, class of 2016.

All tracks mastered by Erik Hansen, class of 2014.

Album art photography and design by JD Laird.

The production team appears courtesy of 25th Street Productions.

Special thanks to Executive Producer, Tim Longbrake.



all rights reserved


Malone Worship Canton, Ohio

We are the worship music ministry at Malone University in Canton, OH.

We exist to glorify our God through the gifts and talents He has given us.

Visit for more information.

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Track Name: Free
We come before You in Your house again
Seeking rest, finding happiness
A joy is filling up our hearts again, our hearts again
Joy is filling up our hearts

We cry out only to sing Your praise
Hands raised, clothed in endless grace
Love is filling up our hearts again, our hearts again

And all who seek Your face will find unending grace
Love will find its place in our hearts again

Lord, my God, You rescued me
Now my soul has been set free
God, You gave it all for me
All for me

No other name could set me free
Only You, Christ my king
God, You gave it all for me
You set me free

When life is hard, we will turn to You
In everything, Your light will shine through
Joy is filling up our hearts again, our hearts again

And all who seek Your face will find unending grace
And love is filling all of our hearts again

Here's my heart, Lord
Take my worries
Take these broken bones
God, restore me

Light is breaking through
Life is flooding my veins
God eternal, let Your kingdom reign!
Track Name: A New Day
Every day's a new day in Your kingdom
Every hour, a chance to start again
With mercies new each morning
Your faithfulness never ends

All of my faults of yesterday
Have been thrown into the sea
Now I can live to pursue You
For Your love has set me free

So I thank You for redemption
Thank you for Your love 'cause it goes on
Yes, it goes on

I thank You for salvation
Thank you for Your love
It is so strong, it is so strong

Every day, I will live for Your praise
Always I'll lift Your name high
You gave it all to forgive me
Oh, such a great sacrifice

There is no one like our God
No one with love so sweet
No one so rich in mercy
So I'll let endless praises ring
Track Name: Endless Pursuit
We come to You, for You are our Father
One by one, You have called us by name
You are calling us to draw closer
And there is no room here for our shame

So we are waking up from our slumber
For our deliverance is drawing near
We lift our heads, for the night is nearly over
The day You promised is almost here

We are giving up our vices, we are reaching out for truth;
Running towards our God in a endless pursuit
We long to enter Your courts; to rejoice in the house of the Lord
So until that day, we fix our eyes on You

There's nothing else for us to hold onto
From the world, You've set us apart
You're making beauty out of these ashes
In Your children, creating clean hearts

We worship You by loving our brothers
Showing grace in all that we do
We worship You, in truth and and in spirit
As we bind ourselves to You

We shout it loud for the enemy to hear;
"We are free and the war is won!"
We stand firm in the freedom You've given;
The chains of guilt are undone

In the world, we know we will have trouble
We will not fear the struggle it brings
For although we were caught in the valley of weeping
Through You, we have made it a spring
Track Name: Majestic
The mountains rise all around
Never changing, day and night
The sun starts to climb over the hilltop
I lift my eyes to glimpse Your face
Who am I that You care for my life?

Majestic, Your glory spans across the sea
Majestic, it's filling up the galaxies
You are majestic

Life is thriving in vibrant greens
Drawing strength from the light
Who am I that You care for my life?

When I consider the heavens, the moon, the stars...
Track Name: Enough
And I've tried so many times to tell You
That I'm going out of my mind
And I tried being diplomatic with You
But I've lost cause for the fight

And I'm a sad soul in my mind
So I'll drop my fists and lift my eyes

'Cause You say You're enough
'Cause You say You're enough

And You say You're enough to keep me holding to You
I'm holding on to You
I'll keep holding on to You
I'm holding on to You

And I'm tired of lessons I'm not learning
When You call me just to be still
And I'm tired of fighting for this yearning
That I know only You can fulfill

Yeah, I'm a lost cause in my mind
So I'll drop my fists and lift my eyes

You've promised good things to me
You sought me from the start
You've promised good things to me
And I'll love You in the dark

I'll love You with my heart

Oh, I know You're enough to keep me holding on to You

Through the wind and through the waves
Through my doubt and through my pain
Through the darkness and the fear
You're enough because You're near
So I'll keep holding on to You
Track Name: What a Love
You are faithful when my faith is shaking
You are patient when I’m tired of waiting
Oh, what a love

You bring beauty out from these ashes
You inspire us when we’ve lost our passion
Oh, what a love

So we sing, “Worthy is Your name!”
Let Your presence fall and move within this place
Captor of our hearts, forever we proclaim,
“Worthy is Your name! Worthy is Your name!”

Freely You have given grace and mercy
Freely we declare Your power, Your glory
Oh, what a love
Oh, what a love

All honor and glory, we lift up and sing,
“No one can compare to the King of all kings!”
Track Name: Nothing is Lost
One thing I ask, that I would pursue
To see the Lord, to know His heart
Hope is restored in the name of His son
In my weakness, His love was strong

In glory, You stand above the Earth
In kindness, You remember my name

And nothing is lost on the Father's heart
He never gave up, He'll never lose hope
His name is great, He will ever be praised
His steadfast love will keep me brave

He forgives every wrong, heals all disease
Gives new life; he has changed everything
Fear is removed and darkness will cease
Now, the hold of death is finally released

You see every detail
You know every detail
Nothing is lost in You
Nothing will take You by surprise

In every struggle, I found You
In every hurt, You pulled me through
I was never lost from You

'Cause You see me
And You care about me
Who am I that You would notice me?
Track Name: In Your Presence
I hold out my hands, filled with the pieces of my broken heart
And You pick them up and turn them into something beautiful

I run to Your arms, and You draw me closer and closer
I unveil my heart, longing to catch a glimpse of Yours

As I rest in the secret place
I cast aside all the things that hinder me from seeking Your face
As I cling to the sacred space
Covered by relentless love and abundant grace

I could reach out and touch Your presence
There is freedom to dance in Your presence
God, I feel so alive in Your presence
I will shout out a praise in Your presence
Track Name: One in You
Creator so glorious, creation bows down
Heaven and Earth resound of Your wonderful ways

Grace beyond mercy, how can that be;
That an undeserving wretch can be made clean?

Hallelujah, the world rejoice
Hallelujah, in one great voice
Hallelujah, we lay down our pride

God omnicent, all-sufficient
Love has made us new
Broken, tattered, beaten, battered,
Yet made one in You